Patchwork by Dan Yeffet


Untitled (50 x 50 cm)

Serendipity gave birth to the Patchwork collection—a fusion of pure mold-blown Murano glass vessels with textured geometric glass sheets. Veronese and Designer Dan Yeffet embraced the challenge of melding patches of molten glass with the base, leaving some aspects to chance. Each piece is unique, with textures, colors, and layout chosen spontaneously during production.


Working closely with Master Artisans, our Creative Director Ruben Jochimek selects the details of each vessel on the fly, without prior research or experimentation.  Produced in “unpredictable” batches, each piece is numbered and unique, never to be reproduced.  This embrace of creative freedom in the design process yielded results as unexpected as they are thrilling.


The Patchwork collection is a testament to Dan Yeffet’s and Veronese’s adventurous spirit.





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