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Maison & Objet

Le 18/01/2013


This is a turning point in the history of Veronese. For the first time, the brand combines Murano glass and wood, by creating an exceptional collection called ULIO (Unidentified LIghting Object).

Fascinated by wood and cabinetmakers expertise, Veronese’s President, asked to Veronese’s in house designers to create a line mixing Murano Glass and wood. The answer to this challenge is a series of two models ULIO 16 and ULIO 3, which are available in table lamps and suspension.


Along with the presentation of ULIO, the Anemone collection designed by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman is expanding. It now deploys its flags on plexi suspension, which confers an absolute transparency. Another novelty of the collection, a platinum finish is proposed. These are now available as Crystal , Platinum, or Crystal and Platinum . In this variation, irregular alternation flags crystal and platinum adds to the sense of motion that characterizes the collection.