Novelties 2019 – Purely Contemporary

2019 marks the beginning of a new chapter for The House of Veronese as we prepare for the upcoming opening of our new showroom in September and the launch of a new brand vision. With our eyes on the future, we chose to work with four renowned French designers to create designs for 2019 that are purely contemporary. This year we collaborated with Constance Guisset, Isabelle Stanislas, Laurence Brabant and Reda Amalou – each of who bring a personal design approach that is unique and modern.

The new designs were presented at Euroluce 2019 during Milan Design Week against a colorful new scenography.  We chose to move away from our iconic black and white patterns and create a vibrant environment that invites visitors to sit with us and experience our world of design.  Our vision for tomorrow will go beyond design and focus on creating experiences since it is the relationships that we have forged over the years that have allowed our brand to evolve and grow.  We look forward to continuing to share what lies ahead and welcome our clients to our new showroom in Paris.


Introducing Our 2019 Novelties As Exhibited at Euroluce 


Vela by Constance Guisset



Vela is a luminaire that marries the invisible. Its shape evokes a sail fastened at three points, swollen by the wind. Its organic movement embodies both the breath of the air and the wave of the sea. The technicality concealed gives way to an impression of lightness.

The Murano glass handmade in Venetian workshops, with different sizes, colors and textures, delicately embraces its fluid form. This suspension can stand-alone or be organized into a composition to form an installation manifest — inviting the imagination to be swept away. The design has 4 different sizes and handcrafted textures – deep stripes, brilliant stripes, stitched cylinders and speckled opaline.


Paralight by Isabelle Stanislas 



The Paralight is a paradox that mystifies the senses. Its shape recalls that of decorative screens used to separate and hide away people and spaces, creating a sense of privacy and intimacy. But, this particular design plays with the idea that nothing can truly be hidden or separated as it transforms into a wall of light, illuminating the spaces it hides and divides, and inviting you to play with its textured and brightly colored light. What may seem hidden is suddenly, but softly, illuminated.

The design is made from a solid piece of Martellatto Murano glass. « Martellato” glass, or “hammered” glass, involves a traditional and labor-intensive technique of embossing one side to make it semi-opaque. This process requires expertise since it is fraught with the risk of breakage, but the successful result is breathtaking.  The glass color is a progression from crystal to amethyst, adding an additional element to its lighting affect.  The Paralight standing lamp will be the first design of a collection of lighting designs that we are developing with the designer to be released in the near future.


Ice by Reda Amalou



The Ice collection originates from the fascination with designing an iconic piece of Murano glass that can evolve into various compositions, welcoming a perpetual creative process. With this objective in mind, the designer created a textured rectangular sheet of handmade Murano glass with a geometric, hand-pressed pattern that catches the light and gently diffuses it. The flexibility of this design further emphasizes the ever-changing nature of contemporary design.

When first launched in 2017, the Ice wall lamp was presented along with an installation showcasing the versatility of the design. For 2019, new suspensions with a circular brass structure and a rectangular framed table lamp were added to collection.  The table lamp is on display this year at Archiproducts Milan and at the Secret Gallery in Paris. As this collection continues to evolve, Veronese will release later this year a new rectangular Ice suspension design.





Millerighe by Laurence Brabant



The Millerighe is the interplay between opposing postures striking a balance where it rarely exists. It meshes together the world of distortion with that of clarity and certainty. It achieves this with the kind of poetic ease that can only be orchestrated with deliberation and foresight.

This design was originally inspired by the depiction of windows and mirrors found in 19th century interior line engravings. The designer, intrigued by the unique textures created by the line engravings and how they were used to delineate contrasts, borrowed this motif to shape her own interpretation of a contemporary window-mirror.

In 2006, with this inspiration, Laurence Brabant designed the original Millerighe for Veronese.   The design was rectangular in shape with vertical lines carved into the Murano glass to create a frame around its oval center. For 2019, we returned to this inspirational design and created a second design with a diagonal motif, paving the way for a new mirror collection.


The Muse by Veronese



Designed to inspire a world of endless creativity, The Muse, is everything and anything you want it to be. In 2017, we participated in the very first AD exhibition dedicated to “Matieres D’Art” – Craftsmanship – in Paris. For the exhibition, we were required to organize samples of Murano glass to be exhibited on a display board with set dimensions. The objective was to inspire architects and interior designers to discover new ways to create with Murano glass. The requirements set by AD posed an interesting challenge that inspired us to create The Muse.

We designed a wall panel made of mirrored Murano glass overlaid with a mosaic of Murano glass tablets. Each tablet, thoughtfully positioned to complement one another, was specifically designed to represent different Murano glass techniques, textures and colors. Today, we present The Muse to arouse a new creative energy for Murano glass wall art.   The mirrored panel can be customized to fit any dimensions and the Murano glass tablets can be customized to create a unique mosaic of Murano glass textures, shapes and colors.