The ICE linear suspension

Giving way to limitless ideas.

The ICE linear suspension is the latest edition to the ICE collection conceived by designer and architect Reda Amalou.

The collection originates from the desire to create a novel Murano glass element that gives way to limitless ideas. With this inspiration, the designer conceived a highly textured rectangular sheet of Murano glass hand-laid with a geometric pattern, that gently diffuses the light.


This distinct design element has led to a symphony of lighting designs. Each design, in its own way, is brought together by a metal frame with well defined lines that further compliment the graphic nature of the glass. The versatility of the collection is a perfect response to the ever-changing nature of contemporary design.


The collection was originally inaugurated with a wall lamp and later a set of circular suspensions were included followed by a table lamp. The linear suspension is the latest edition to the ICE collection and it comes in 80cm/30.5in, 120cm/47.2in, 160cm/63in, 200cm/78.7in, and made to measure.

This collection has also inspired other architects and interior designers, with whom our team has worked closely with, to create custom editions exclusively for their projects.

Discover the timeless thrill of the ICE collection.