Inside Lido (video)

Inside Veronese takes you behind the scenes to discover our world of Murano glass designs.  Each of our designs tells a story that goes beyond its shape and function.  Lido by Bruno Moinard Editionstalks about creating infinite possibilities.

The Lido takes its inspiration from the 18th century Rezzonico chandelier.  From this iconic design, it was the Bossette – the small blown Murano glass elements encasing the arms and perfectly fitting together – that intrigued designer and architect, Bruno Moinard. Fascinated by the beauty of this detail, its marvel, and its versatility, Moinard pulled this glass element from the Rezzonico bouquet, magnified it, and gave it a new contemporary interpretation.

The pure design and versatile nature of the Lido collection inspires infinite design possibilities. The structural system was designed to adapt to an endless array of dimensions, compositions, and interior design requirements. Today, the collection includes two large scale suspensions each with their own characteristics designed to compliment each other as either part of a composition or to stand alone.  Tomorrow, the collection will include sconces, smaller suspensions, floor lamps, and more.






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