Veronese 2016 Novelties

An Attestation to the Timeless Nature of Murano Artistry

For the Veronese 2016 Novelties our Creative Director, Ruben Jochimek, was determined to push the bounds ever further away from the familiar classical Murano shapes of bygone years and bring to the design world strictly contemporary collections that are both innovative and timeless.

“Often I hear designers tell me that they believe Murano design is synonymous with the classical chandelier when I know that the Murano know-how is as viable today as it was centuries ago. It can and has adapted and evolved with contemporary ideas. And, the Veronese portfolio is an attestation to this evolution since the 1930’s. So, for 2016, I was determined to demonstrate this to the design world. ” – Ruben Jochimek

To achieve this objective, our Creative Director chose four significant contemporary designers to create the 2016 Novelties: Reda Amalou, Patrick Naggar, Dan Yeffet and Tristan Auer.  Opening the door to each designer to create without constraint, their creativity easily flowed and evolved into notable designs.  Each 2016 collection is distinct evidencing the versatility and vitality of contemporary Murano lighting design.  Without a doubt, the 2016 Novelties are an attestation to the timeless nature of Murano artistry.

CELL collection

The CELL by Patrick Naggar was inspired by the designer’s most recent collection for Veronese, the Chromosome, which was launched at Art Basel 2015. Enthralled with the Chromosome’s elegant curves encasing an innovative lighting system, the designer dug deeper and designed a complimentary new collection composed of a suspension and two wall lamps.

The new collection is an abstract interpretation of its predecessor with an emphasis on its iconic curves. The encased light source of the CELL suspension, while different from the Chromosome, is once again innovative in its own way. Known for gaining inspiration from science and modern technology, Patrick Naggar for the first time places LED technology at the center of his design. For the CELL suspension, the designer designed an inner tube of Murano glass with gold leaf to create a rare lighting experience with today’s LED technology.

HIGHLIGHT collection

The simple pure lines, yet not so simple dimensions of the HIGHLIGHT collection  marks the first collaboration between Veronese and designer Dan Yeffet.   HIGHLIGHT is a contemporary collection of floor and table lamps that gracefully combine Murano glass and marble. With its three different heights (45 cm, 70 cm and 111 cm), the collection shows striking dimensions.  Each design, including the one towering at 111 CM in height, is made ​​of one single piece of blown Murano glass.

ICE collection

ICE by Reda Amalou originates from the fascination with designing an iconic piece of Murano glass that can evolve into various compositions, welcoming a perpetual creative process.  With this objective in mind, the designer created a textured rectangular sheet of hand-laid Murano glass with a geometric, hand-pressed pattern that catches the light and gently diffuses it.  The flexibility of this design further emphasizes the ever-changing nature of contemporary design.

To inaugurate this novel creative journey, the designer created two wall lamps and a suspension.  The delicate design of the brass frame of the wall lamps was made possible by today’s LED technology.  Additional designs will be added to the ICE collection throughout the year, including a table lamp.

YSA collection

This design story begins with an obscure inspiration – the simplicity of draped sheets of paper. With this image in mind, the designer Tristan Auer turned to Veronese to research Murano glass techniques to transform the familiar into a striking design.  Eventually, the designer modeled the everyday shape of paper sheets into an intricate lighting design.  From a distance you will see pure angular lines, but you will be quickly drawn in closer to discover YSA’s mysterious textures and details.

The designer drew from several traditional Murano glass techniques.  The top smaller layer of Murano glass is of streaked frosted colored crystal glass.  The second layer, is smoked colored Murano glass with a stripe pattern applied under heat. The third layer, is Murano glass with an application of mirror.  Like a well-tailored hem, a soft crystal border delicately frames each layer.